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Sarine Technologies Ltd. develops, manufactures, markets and sells precision technology products for the processing and trade of diamonds and gemstones.

Our products and services provide industry-leading automated solutions for every stage of the rough diamond manufacturing process, from high-precision geometrical modelling and internal inclusion mapping of the rough stone, through determining the optimally derivable polished gems based on true dollar value and market trends, through laser cutting and shaping, to the inline quality control of the actual making and faceting of the polished jewel.

Our DiaExpert™ family of platforms (DiaExpert™, DiaExpert™ Atom, DiaExpert™ Nano 6.5, DiaExpert™ XL, DiaExpert-Eye™, DiaScan™ S+, DiaMobile™ XL and DiaMark™ Z) and the Advisor™ software are the de-facto worldwide standard for planning the optimal utilisation of rough diamonds. Our systems assist the manufacturer in cutting and polishing rough stones so as to achieve yields based on tradeoffs between three of the four "C" parameters, which can be meaningfully optimised by the process, namely Carat weight, Cut quality and Clarity grade (the latter if utilising data input from the Galaxy™ family of inclusion mapping systems or the DiaExpert™ Eye) and market trends and prices.

The revolutionary and still unmatched Galaxy™ family of internal inclusion mapping systems for rough diamonds, based on unique patented technology comprises the Galaxy™ 1000/2000 systems for diamonds 2.5 to 20+ carats in size, the Galaxy™ XL for large stones up to 200+ carats, the Solaris™ for small stones from 0.9 to 2.5 carats and the Meteor™ for even smaller rough stones of 0.2 to 0.9 carats. The Galaxy™ Ultra provides high resolution scanning, which offers microscopic-level, fully automatic, fast and comprehensive identification and mapping of inclusions at single-micron accuracy, allowing for the more confident planning of internally flawless (IF) and VVS1 polished diamonds. All these products enable the automated prediction of the Clarity of the Advisor™–planned polished stones, so as to truly optimise the dollar value derived from the processed rough diamonds. To allow the industry to fully benefit from this cutting edge technology, we offer per-carat inclusion scanning services at wholly-owned or affiliated service centres in all the major diamond trading and polishing centres: Mumbai and Surat (India), Ramat-Gan (Israel), Antwerp (Belgium), Moscow, Johannesburg, Gaborone (Botswana), Windhoek (Namibia) and New York.

Our 3rd-generation Quazer™ 3 green-laser system, integrated with our planning systems by way of the Strategist™ setup station, is the industry's most cost-effective high-end solution for the laser cutting and shaping of rough diamonds as well as for the processing of CVD-type lab-grown (so called "synthetic") diamonds for industrial purposes. The new Quazer™ 3's main advantage is its ability to perform complicated cutting like pie sawing with a single setup (single gluing), giving more accurate results and time savings. Rough diamond cutting and shaping services are also offered as a per-carat service at various locations in India, Israel and southern Africa, in wholly-owned or third-party service centres.

The combination of these technologies has redefined the art of diamond polishing. It has not only raised the optimally achievable yield of polished stone(s) weight from typically under 40% of the rough stone's weight to over 50%, a 25% benefit, but also allows the manufacturer to select planning options which best suit the actual markets at any given time, e.g., trading off between weight (size – more sought in US markets) and quality (Clarity – more sought in Far Eastern markets).

Similarly, the Allegro™ system does much the same as the above-described systems, using appropriately adapted technology, for non-diamond gemstones. The system models the rough gemstone, plans the optimal shaped polished stone and cuts it as well. As clarity is less critical for coloured gemstones, there is no inclusion mapping stage, and the actual cutting uses non-laser technology, as it is more affordable and equally amenable to the softer gemstones.

We also aid in key aspects of the polished diamond trade. Having pioneered the automated grading of a polished diamond's Cut in 1992, and having introduced the industry's most accurate system for measuring a polished diamond's actual light performance in 2013, we are currently in large-scale testing of automated systems for grading Clarity, a world first, and Color.

Our DiaMension™ family of products launched in 1992 for the accurate measurement of a polished diamond's proportions in order to derive the Cut and Symmetry grades, is used in all major gemmological institutes worldwide. The DiaMension™ HD (High Definition) is generally accepted as the industry's leading and best-selling solution for measuring proportions and Cut grading worldwide. The newest DiaMension™, the Axiom, is based on completely new technology with micron level accuracy and was developed to meet and exceed Tiffany & Company's most stringent requirements. It is also becoming the standard for Cut and Symmetry grading at leading manufacturers and gem labs worldwide.

Our polished stone proportion measuring and Cut/Symmetry grading systems operate using the Instructor™ software package. Our original DiaVision™ software (discontinued in 2015 with the release of Instructor™ 3.5) was the first proportion and Cut grading software which was thoroughly evaluated by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in an extensive testing program and was qualified as being accurate in excess of 98% of the tested cases. It, and the subsequently introduced Instructor™, have been adopted by the GIA as one of their standard software packages for use in their Cut grading systems.

Our Instructor™ software also assists in real-time quality control and optimisation of diamond faceting by proposing corrections to deviations from the optimal polishing solution, including unique asymmetrical solutions, in order to optimise weight (Carat) vs. proportion (Cut) trade-offs.

In today's changing retail world, channel and product branding and differentiation, as well as providing an online portal and captivating digital experience, are key to a retailer's success. Thus, digital imaging technologies have become essential marketing and sale tools. The ability to "show and tell" the polished gem online, as well as demonstrate its unique features in-store, and the means of differentiating it from the near-commoditised standard cuts and stones are becoming universal goals amongst e-tailers and retailers alike. Dry tabular non-intuitive data, as formulated in the historic four C's, no longer appeal to, nor convince, the younger generation of internet-savvy buyers. We have thus pioneered Sarine Profile™, which provides succinct multi-level and multi-faceted image and video information pertaining to the offered diamonds' quality and beauty. A toolbox of various technologies, as detailed below, Sarine Profile™ allows the wholesaler and retailer to showcase their inventory, both real and virtual, regardless of a specific stone physically being in a specific outlet or not, according to their own specific branding goals, as best suited to the merchandise being sold and the market in which it is sold. Doing so enables online transactions with a completely new level of confidence and enhances the in-store buying experience by empowering the consumer to make a truly informed decision. Sarine Profile™ is unique in that it offers each user, whether wholesaler or retailer, online or brick and mortar, to create its unique branding message by utilising various levels of imagery, light performance grading, hearts and arrows graphics, Cut proportions graphics and grading, laser inscription viewing, etc., all as derived from our diverse cutting-edge systems described below, along with other user-provided data, such as the stone's gemmological laboratory report, retailer promotional material, etc.

The systems that have been developed to provide these varied capabilities are:

  1. The Sarine Light™, a system that enables the automatic, accurate, consistent and quantified measurement of a polished diamond's appearance (light performance), in order to add other characteristics by which to value the diamond and its consumer appeal:
    • Brilliance - the intense bright light that shines from the diamond.
    • Sparkle - the dramatic flashes that burst out of the diamond as it moves.
    • Fire - the vivid colours of the rainbow that radiate from within the diamond.
    • Light symmetry - the equal distribution of light that reflects from the diamond.
  2. The Sarine Loupe™ imaging system, which creates high-quality multi-level video imagery, so that a potential buyer of a polished diamond, whether a qualified wholesale trader or a consumer, can truly assess both its beauty and internal features without having the polished diamond physically in hand. At the highest level, Real View, the buyer sees the stone under 3-5 times magnification (depending on the stone's actual size), allowing him/her to assess its true appearance and beauty, while also verifying, by observing its inclusions, just how eye-clean the stone is. At the next level, Top Inspection, imaged at 5-10 times magnification, the buyer can accurately assess the stone's Cut and Clarity by inspecting the stone in detail, as viewed through its table. Finally, using 3-D Inspection, with optional virtual zoom, the buyer can inspect the stone at up to 40 times magnification, from virtually 360 degrees in all axes, even better than through a conventional loupe, and truly scrutinise even its minutest details.
  3. The Sarine Connect™ app, which provides mobile device (tablet, smartphone, etc.) ability to display an inventory of loose stones or set jewellery, including the unique capability to create virtual inventory by linking into suppliers' inventories and allowing a buyer to create his/her own unique piece by selecting from available settings and stones.
  4. The DiaScribe™ system for inscribing polished diamonds with distinct marks such as text, numerals and symbols, whether for branding, personalisation or simply recording the stone's grading report's serial number.

As announced on 10 November 2016, we are currently in large scale testing of groundbreaking technology for the automated and objective computerised grading of a polished stone's Clarity and Color. Though Color grading has been accomplished before by computerised means (including our own discontinued Colibri), thus enabling more objective and consistent grading, Clarity grading has always been and is still done manually. As it is a very complex four-dimensional classification, based on the number of inclusions, their sizes, types and locations, the judgment call is complex. Thus each stone is always graded by at least two graders, and it is not unusual for a third vote to be required. Even so, Clarity grading is not always consistent, and it is not uncommon to get unexpected variations in grading, resulting in the grading being contested as often as in 10% of the cases. We also expect to enable fine-sorting of a diamond's Clarity in accordance with industry-accepted sub-grades pertaining to the diamond's actual appearance (e.g., "eye-clean", "no black inclusions", "no inclusions under the table"). We believe that being able to provide the industry with automated consistent and objective Clarity grading will augment the industry's transparency and enhance consumer confidence. It is our aim to commercialise this technology in 2017.

Additional capabilities, which will provide supplementary data pertaining to polished diamonds are in development, including, for example, polished diamond "fingerprinting", which can help resolve issues pertaining to supposed diamond swapping, insurance, etc.