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Our Group deals in the development, manufacture and sale of precision technology products based mainly on automated three-dimensional geometric measurement (metrology) for the processing of diamonds and gems. Our systems also combine various hardware technologies, like electro-optics, electronics, precision mechanics and lasers.

The heart of the systems is the computer software that combines three-dimensional modelling and advanced mathematical algorithms.

Our products provide smart solutions for every stage and aspect of diamond design and manufacturing, from determining the optimal yield from a rough stone, laser markings for cutting rough stones, measuring and analysing polished diamonds, inscription on polished diamonds and technology that assists sales in jewellery stores.

Hence, our products increase the profit margins at all stages of the trade between the purchase price of rough stones and the price of polished diamonds. We believe that over the years, our products have changed the manner in which rough stones are processed into polished ones and have established a brand name for ourselves in the diamond industry.

Our DiaMensionTM and DiaVisionTM products are used in most of the gemological institutes (like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Society (AGS), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the Hoge Raad voor Diamant or the Diamond High Council (HRD), the Central Gemological Laboratory (CGL) and the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) for the qualification and grading of a polished diamond's cut.

Our products provide diamond dealers with technological solutions for three main areas in the diamond industry:
  1. Planning the optimal use of the rough stones
    We have developed computerized electro-optical products, which assist the diamontaire (that is, the expert planner tasked with planning the utilization of the rough stones) in considering various options for utilizing the rough stones. Our products explore thousands of different possible methods of utilization of the rough stone and propose, using a visual three-dimensional representation on a computer screen, the possible ways of processing the stone into polished diamonds. This can be done according to each individual diamontaire's preferences where the parameters are set according to the preferred cuts and valuations.

    The product also assesses the grading of the proposed cut according to the diamontaire's preferred method of grading (as per various grading institutes). In addition, in order to assist in implementing the recommendations presented by our products, we have also developed laser marking products which allow the diamontaire to mark the sawing plane, as proposed by our system's recommendations for the optimal cut, onto the rough stone. In addition, the product is designed by us to interface with various automated diamond processing (for bruting and cutting) machines (of other manufacturers) and significantly facilitates the processing of the diamond ensuring that the exploitation of the expensive rough stones yields the maximum results.

  2. Measurement of the parameters of polished diamonds to determine their value
    We have also developed electro-optical computerized products that measure the specific parameters on the basis of which a diamond is graded (that is, the quality of its colour and cut) to assist in determining the value of polished diamonds.

  3. Inscribing on polished diamonds
    We have developed a product, which inscribes text and symbols on a polished diamond, enabling diamond manufacturers to mark their diamonds with logos, serial numbers and other distinctive marks. It also allows gemological institutes in the diamond industry to provide individual diamonds with a certificate bearing the institute's mark and an exclusive certificate number and inscribes this certificate number onto the diamond for identification and security purposes.

    Our products can be segregated for use in three areas, namely
    1. Products for Analysing and Planning the use of rough stones,
    2. Products for Measuring and Grading polished diamonds and
    3. Products for Inscribing on polished diamonds.

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